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New aid is on the way for businesses and families

The government is desperately looking for resources to help Italian families and businesses to get through the moment of difficulty, as expenditures have peaked. The solution to avoid excessive budget overruns could come from renewables and additional profits: What is it all about? Let’s delve into it.

The government is working to find resources capable of allowing aid that exceeds the 6 billion it envisions Dave. In fact, it is considered necessary to proceed with the purchase of additional amounts, in order to avoid that the aid allocated with Defense Not enough.

Among the sectors of most concern, there is undoubtedly a sectorEnergy and fuel: For the latter, in particular, the government’s 25-cent rebate will expire in May.

Helping families and businesses: increasing investments in renewable energy sources


One of the main points to mitigate the increase in energy costs and therefore in bills is Increase investments in renewable energies. Italy appears to be very weak from this point of view, but it also has enormous potential. Investments in renewables is an issue with which the majority would agree, so the green light seems to be taken for granted.

The amounts allocated should be around 2 billion eurosBut this is just an unofficial estimate. We will have to wait for more values ​​assigned. In what other areas will it be possible to find resources?

Invoicing: How do you use additional profits for businesses?

renewable energy companies

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The viable alternative to energy consumption is Additional profits for companies: Using these would in fact reduce the impact of Italian energy needs, using the energy already in place. The request to access this particular resource comes directly from The Five Star Movement and the Democratic Partywhich require extraordinary withdrawals.

Additional funds may be released unexpectedly, as many Energy Decree aid funds are still awaiting financial coverage. This will allow it to be used for other purposes, such as Dealing with expensive raw materials or confirming reductions in production fees.