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Florence tells workers no to 12-hour shifts: Company halted by inspectors

Florence tells workers no to 12-hour shifts: Company halted by inspectors

12 hours a day without vacations or rights

Cuba protested to the factory owners because of the conditions of workers in the factory who refused to go to work after years of working “12-hour shifts a day, without rest, vacation, sickness or paid rights.” The owner decided to separate them all with a WhatsApp message: “Anyone who doesn’t work today (Easter) will be gone forever.”

We want to work 8 hours a day.

– The same workers had asked, as Cuba says, “to work 8 hours for 5 days as more and more workers are doing thanks to the strikes of recent years in the region. The answer also came via WhatsApp in this case: “If you want to work 8 hours, look For work elsewhere.

contraceptive pills in chat

– Moreover, after the dismissal, the owners of the company posted a video on WeChat with the faces of the workers who “dared to ask to work 8 hours and leave. And call on other entrepreneurs not to hire them in other factories, for further evidence of the exploitation system that has become the norm. A real blacklist.”

“They come to the factory to create problems”

– The Kubas identified that the content of the message spread in the chat and it says: “These Pakistanis refuse to work hard in the factories and come to the factory to create problems. I wish my Chinese colleagues would not ask these people to work in the factories.” At the center of this dirty story are five workers from a textile manufacturing company in Via Carserina, a company that is “impossible to say its name – select Cuba – over the years, the different names and VAT numbers always disguising the same owner.” Opening, closing and reopening to circumvent taxes and rights.”

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Control and irregular workers

– During the examination in which six out of thirteen unauthorized employees were found: two of the workers who were found at work, the labor inspectorate determined, were in possession of only a passport and without a valid document to carry out an activity on Italian soil. For two others, documents were produced on the procedure for the emergence of domestic work, which was initiated by an employer other than the person being examined.

Weaving and exploitation

– In the same factory, Cobas continues, “Today there are workers who are officially employed by different companies: Feng Shouqing and Hu Qingong” but “the contracts are waste papers: there are those who have been working for three years for a fixed term on a part-time basis. To 20 or 30 hours a week In fact, the hours per week are 84, you pay a thousand euros. In under-working months it becomes 500 euros for the same number of hours and in peak months, 1300 euros. And the rights of the national collective bargaining agreement are on paper. It’s not Bangladesh, it’s Campy Bisenzio, Province of Florence, where the Prato weaving and super-exploitation area extends”.

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