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NCAA, Supreme Court conviction arrivesإدانة


The Supreme court Americana decided to give her a break. Enough with unpaid athletes/college students and enough for freeloaders who gravitate towards superstars and amateurs, enrich themselves without hesitation.

the judge Brett Kavanaugh In fact I have released a sentence that will rewrite the rules and concept unprofessional sport at United States of America Meet those who, with massive sacrifices, produce the show without benefiting: college students.

“The NCAA has been limiting for a long time Outlay Which Benefits that student-athletes can get. With surprising success, the NCAA has long protected its compensation rules from normal antitrust scrutiny. Today, however, the court found that NCAA violated antitrust laws. The court’s decision is an important and overdue decision Correct pathJudge Kavanaugh wrote.

The NCAA explains its arguments for not paying student athletes by ranking them with harmless labels‘, reads into the machine. But the signs cannot hide the truth: the NCAA business model will be entirely Illegal in almost all other areas of America.

The tradition They alone can’t justify the NCAA’s decision to build a huge one fundraising business On the shoulders of student-athletes who have not been fairly compensated. NCAA is not above the lawThe harsh words of condemnation used by a US Supreme Court judge.

OMNISPORT | 06-22-2021 23:51

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