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Nature on a slant, flowering lemons and confused bees: the problem is serious

Nature on a slant, flowering lemons and confused bees: the problem is serious

This winter is a testament to the dramatic effects of climate change, and nature is in full swing, with bees muzzled and lemon trees already in bloom.

Ski slopes without snow (Canva) –

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Just look around to understand that something is wrong. the weather changes increasingly disrupting the planet’s climate, tropical Mediterranean climate and the belt that includes Italy. There are fewer severe winters, so much so that it seems we are experiencing a very long autumn, with a few short days of frost.

If the Italian mountains, especially the Apennines, remain snowless, with temperatures above seasonal averages, in the north Mimosa is in bloomWhile in Southern Lemon They are already floweringtwo months ago. And not just peaches and plums. Coldirite raises the alarm. Now you have to be careful of any frosts, which can damage the crops.

Side effects of climate change on nature

The nature of the climate crisis
Bees looking for pollen (Canva) –

the Frost waves They can burn the flowers and buds of plants and trees, damaging harvests and crops. In Italy, the excessive temperature increases from year to year, and Mediterranean Basin particularly subject to change. The Mediterranean Sea is one of the seas that has experienced a rise in water temperature.

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In short, we are in the midst of climate disruptions, and even animals They are confused. All those who are hibernating in this cold period find themselves lost because high temperatures. The bees are so confused, that they have already left their hives to make provisions, but future frosts will be able to wipe them out as well.

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The heat is also accompanied by persistence water crisis, dry lakes and rivers, little rain and completely dry areas for months. without counting absence of snow In the arches of the Alps and the Apennine. According to Coldiretti, if this continues, it is expected to be a terrible summer, just like the summer of 2022, with unbearable temperatures, drought and water shortages.

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The tropicalness of our climate is an emergency that should never be underestimated, and it manifests itself for a long time periods of droughtno rain, heat bubbles and high frequency violent events. Sudden changes in temperature are great, and this instability affects agriculture, the economic activity that suffers the most. In 2022 alone, the damage caused by the climate crisis to the agricultural world will reach 6 billion euros. And there are still less.