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NASA warns us of the dangers in the coming days

According to at least the latest NASA report Five asteroids heading towards Earth in the coming days. So 2022 begins with our planet surrounded by at least five space rocksBut should we be afraid of him?

No fear in 2022, at least when it comes to asteroids

According to the report you published Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA’s Research Development Laboratory and operated by the California Institute of Technology, all asteroids scheduled to pass in 2022 will be found, long distance from Earth and is unlikely to hit our planet.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory identified these asteroids that are on their way to approach Earth Thanks to Asteroid Watch, a system that detects and tracks asteroids and comets that may be very close to Earth.

Now let’s find out in detail what they are and 5 asteroids That in the next few days they will find themselves passing close to the Earth.

On January 5th we will have two passes

Tomorrow, January 5, we will have the presence of two asteroids around our planet. This is the asteroid 2021 YQ and asteroid 2021 YX. The first is about the size of a large passenger plane, with a diameter of approximately 90 m. You should come close Within 2 million km of Earth. The last time asteroid 2021 YQ approached Earth’s orbit was on December 7, 1902.

second asteroid 2021 YXIt must pass gradually Less than 4 million km From Earth, it will therefore be further away from the other and also approximately smaller in size diameter 45 meters. According to NASA records, the 2021 YX has never come close to Earth before.

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The furthest day will come Befana

An asteroid is also expected to pass through Befana. January 6 2022, the company will keep us from afar Asteroid 2014 YE15. This bus-spanning space rock, more than 7 meters in diameter, will be the farthest among the five asteroids that arrived in the first rounds of 2022. It will actually be the distance from Earth that separates it from Earth. About 7 and a half million kilometers. This is not the first time this asteroid has approached Earth in any way. The 2014 YE15 is really a regular and has been back almost every year since at least 1905.

It will approach the closest and largest of the five asteroids on January 7 and 11, 2022

The asteroid that will be closest to Earth is 2020 AP1 that January 7 will pass At only 1,800,000 km away from the earth. But while it will be the closest, fortunately it is also the smallest of the first five asteroids in 2022, measuring just 4 meters in diameter. This asteroid passes by us approximately every two years. The last time the 2020 AP1 approached Earth was in January 2020 and its next pass is scheduled for January 2024.

The quintet of the first asteroids of 2022 according to the JPL report, ends with Asteroid 2013 YD48, which is expected to approach Earth on January 11, 2022. This will also be the largest of the five space rocks. diameter More than 100 metersThis asteroid is bigger than Big Ben, it’s coming to be in About 5 and a half million km from Earth. Since March 2014, 2013 YD48 has not been close to our planet, and 2030 is due to pass.

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