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Stratwarming sopra il Polo Nord. Freddo ad oltranza anche per le prossime settimane

Break at work, weather in tilt with sleet and snow from Epiphany throughout January 2022 “

Long-term weather: Tropical weather in action, tilted weather with sleet and snow from Epiphany for all January 2022

Stratforming over the North Pole. Chill until the bitter end also over the next few weeksWinter is back, real, like the old days. This year the season started Very dynamic, cool and full of surprises. The prospects for the future also look very interesting: long term forecastIn fact, they’ll confirm it over the next few weeks Cold and frost “until the bitter end” with the possibility of Noun Close pilgrim.
Moreover, something anomalous and unexpected is happening over the North Pole, which can literally send the atmosphere into a whirlpool, called in technical terms. stratwarming.
Let’s find out right away what it is by tracking a trend for the next few weeks with the forecast time in Italy.

Let’s start by saying that the latest updates available to us argue in favor of one chain of cold waves As soon as possible in the next few days.

Then our attention turns to North Pole Where, from Befana onwards, it can happen suddenly stratified. By this term, in meteorology, we refer to the term anomalous and intense heating From stratosphere terrestrial, above the arctic region, in order also 50┬░C in a few days. This anomalous heating of the stratosphere, once active, gradually tends to expand towards the upper troposphere, with impact On the polar vortex: It is not excluded, in fact, that one derives from this split in several parts. When this happens, it can happen that the edges of the vortex themselves decrease in latitude, resulting in strong frosts that reach the Mediterranean basin: how can we forget, for example, the freezing winters of 1929, 1963, 1985, 2012 ( Just so the tip of the iceberg).

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At the moment, it is still too early to tell if there will be a fracture of the Polar Vortex or not. However, according to the latest updates, the consequences for Italy in January 2022, already from pilgrim, with the ‘Frozen air masses arrive, from the continental Arctic, which can move from the plains of Siberia to Italy, through the glacial breathing of the winds from the northeastern quadrants: Pura, Tramontana and Grecali. In short, we may have to go back to deal with the notorious Boryan.
But we will talk about it again.

Stratoforming: An Abnormal and Unexpected Warming of the Stratosphere Over the ArcticStratoforming: An Abnormal and Unexpected Warming of the Stratosphere Over the Arctic