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NASA thinks it can give us a 30-minute warning before a solar storm hits Earth

NASA thinks it can give us a 30-minute warning before a solar storm hits Earth

This is what scientists from the American Space Agency said: Here are all the details of the new study.

We’ve talked a lot in our articles about the dangers of solar storms. Not surprisingly, a team of NASA scientists has applied artificial intelligence to solar storm data to develop an early warning system that they say could give the planet about 30 minutes of warning before a potentially dangerous solar storm strikes a devastating blow to our planet.

NASA warning of solar storms

This margin of warning is due to the fact that light can travel more quickly than matter expelled from the Sun when these solar storms occur. In some events, such as the one that struck Quebec about 35 years ago, power can even go out for hours. More extreme events, such as the Carrington Event that occurred more than 150 years ago, could cause massive destruction to electrical and communications infrastructure if they occurred today.

Researchers say this new algorithm can predict the intensity and direction of a solar storm In less than a second She is able to develop new expectations every minute. Previous attempts by computers would have taken much longer, almost to the point where it was not possible to give almost no “warning time” before the storm hit land. This work is made possible by FDL, a collaboration between the SETI Institute and Trillium Technologies Inc, in partnership with NASA, Google Cloud and Nvidia, a leader in commercial artificial intelligence.

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