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Youth Cure, the secret to less aging “at home”.  What the science study revealed

Youth Cure, the secret to less aging “at home”. What the science study revealed

A new study published in Sciences Prove that access Gardens And the green spaces in your area can slow downaging biological. A joint research group between Spain And United State In fact, he discovered that people who live near green spaces are on average biologically older by about 2.5 years young man Compared to those who do not live near green areas.

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This discovery comes as a result of an in-depth study conducted over twenty years, from 1986 to 2006, on 924 individuals in four different cities in the United States. Scientists have studied a particular phenomenon known as del methylation. DNA“: It is a chemical process that occurs in our cells and is associated with aging. Specific changes in methylation can be used to estimate a person’s biological age.

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During the study, experts analyzed the home addresses of the people involved and assessed their proximity to plants and parks. They also took into account important variables such as education, income, and other risk factors (including smoking) in order to obtain accurate results. They found that the group of people who lived within a 5-kilometre radius of a 20% green area were biologically about 2.5 years older than those whose homes were surrounded by 30% green space.

Biological age

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Therefore, the difference in biological age becomes a clear indicator of the importance of living near green spaces. There are other studies that have shown how spending time in nature contributes to overall health, reduces stress, and improves mood. The research also highlighted that increased access to parks can reduce the use of mental health medications, with an estimated reduction of 33%. Therefore, we can consider nature and green spaces a real source of youth.

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