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Autumn is coming!  Everything is falling apart faster than expected among memories of last summer

Autumn is coming! Everything is falling apart faster than expected among memories of last summer

Everything collapses in a fleeting summer

Wasn’t it supposed to be an eternal summer, always sunny and hot from north to south from May to late October, if not even November?

No, something has happened and something is going to go wrongAs has happened on other occasions in this crazy season, now there is a strong disturbance associated with what remains of a real hurricane in the Atlantic, fast approaching Europe and Italy.

Eloquent as ever, the Meteosat satellite images, from the top of its eye 36,000 kilometers above sea level from which nothing escapes, show us a scenario that is as interesting as it is alarming: a complex cyclonic vortex off the coast of the Gulf of Biscay and the western British Isles is approaching insidiously. Towards the ancient continent; You will penetrate him badly.

So he will think about it in a few days autumnthis time for real, to dictate the law to things and to rearrange the scattered papers of the now decaying climate and he will use the hand most suitable to him: Icelandic hurricaneThis massive cloud remains rotating over the Atlantic Ocean for at least 6 months and in between clouds And Rain It also distributes water (and life) towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Starting Sunday, October 15 and continuing for the next week. Also in Italy so called Beautiful season It will disappear and be destroyed by storms, gusts of wind, and even… First snowfall On the peaks and not only on the peaks that, from there, at 1,900 metres, not so high, will tell us Hey, I’m here too, have you forgotten me?

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At that point Of the summer that passesNot only will there be joys or sorrows, but above all memories of a season, or a holiday, or why not, just a night, a star. as always.