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NASA Sicily image of the day

NASA Sicily image of the day


he is called “Night shadows“NASA's astronomical image of the day (, which frames an evocative passage of the day on Earth: sunset. The author is the Sicilian astrophotographer Dario Gianobelle, and the location of the protagonist It is the Plimerio Reserve in Syracuse.

How dark is the sky at night? In stages, with different distinct colors shining from the horizon,We read in the caption accompanying the image. “The featured image, from left to right, shows increasingly later twilight times after sunset in 20 different vertical bands. The photo was taken last month in Syracuse, Sicily, ItalyIn the direction away from the sun, and on the far left, the upper sky is visible before sunset. Toward the right, prominent bands include the Venus band, the blue band, the horizon band, and the red band. As Earth's dark shadow rises, colors in these bands result from direct reflection of sunlight from air and aerosols in Earth's atmosphere, and multiple reflections may sometimes include reddish sunsets and refraction. In practice, these bands can be diffuse and difficult to distinguish, and their colors can depend on the colors of the setting sun. Finally the sun sets completely and the sky becomes dark. Don't despair – the whole process will happen in reverse when the sun rises again in the morning“.

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