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Sun time, here’s when it starts!  Let’s see if this will be the last time »

Sun time, here’s when it starts! Let’s see if this will be the last time »

Soon we will change and switch to solar timeWe have entered autumn, the days are gradually getting shorter, and soon it will come here too Change time, Which will convert from legal to solar energy: In short, in a few weeks we will report on the hands Return an hour.

But be careful, Will it be the last time?

It is the Nordic countries, above all, that are demanding that Europe abolish solar time. Under the pretext that moving the clock twice a year would cause some problems for a person’s psychological and physical condition and health. However, the final decision was not made again. Therefore, we can assume that 2024 will not be the last time we change time in Italy. Italy has not taken a position yet.

In the meantime, we must prepare to see the days inevitably shorten.
In the night between Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October 2023 We’ll have to turn back the clock one hour. In fact, this weekend, we’ll be saying goodbye tothe summer timingWe will sleep another hour. This way we will get an additional 60 minutes of light in the morning, but the days will be “shortened” by one hour in the evening, and darkness will arrive much earlier.

Solar time will then remain until the end of March, specifically until the weekend of March 30-31, 2024, when daylight saving time goes into effect again with the hands moved forward by one hour.