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Murad Dekir, do you remember the chef in the movie “It’s Always Midday”?  Today it is reduced like this |  No one knows the truth

Murad Dekir, do you remember the chef in the movie “It’s Always Midday”? Today it is reduced like this | No one knows the truth

Murat Dakir and Lorenzo Biagiarelli – ifood (photo

What happened to the chef of Moroccan origins, Mourad Al-Dakir, from midday? He hasn’t been seen for a while, and that’s what he’s doing today.

to It’s always midday During the years Antonella Clerici We have been introduced to many chefs, cooks and the like, both as regular attendees and as guests.

The program has proven to be a worthy successor to its predecessor Cook testThe changes made have excited viewers who found the show entertaining, cooking and chatting.

Picking up toys at home was also a winning idea. Engaging the audience at home, as was done before, with old family shows, is the idea that offers something different, with a slightly old flavour. Just like the “ad” the landlady put out.

Just as we loved the exotic touch the chef provided Murad Al-Dakir, a restaurant owner of Moroccan origins, brought some typical recipes from his land a few years ago. Do you remember her? Let’s find out what happened to him.

It’s Always Midday: What Happened to Murad El-Dekir

Many faces all in court Antonella Clericisome were personally chosen and desired Working view, friend of the landlady’s partner. After all, he told TV Blog on: “I always surround myself with positive people, and I want there to be a good, non-conflicting atmosphere. As for the rest, I never set expectations for myself. Almost always, when I start with the sole idea of ​​doing things well and to standards, the results are not lacking.

In fact, there was no shortage of them. It is pointless to make a comparison with the program he ran for nearly twenty years. He admits: “I’m a little tired of the competition between chefs. Test Chef will always be my show, I love it. It’s been my life and my great success and it all started from there. I’ll never deny the format that gave me everything, in fact I often mention it. It’s always midday, “It’s something else, another world.”

Murad Al-Dakir Restaurant
Murad Dakir and his wife Hanaa in their restaurant – ifood (web photo)

What does he do for a living today?

Another world that includes all foods. Such wonderful ones Badger Suggested by Murad Al-Dakir A restaurant owner of Moroccan origins literally discovered him Lorenzo Biagiarelli, Regular guest on the programme. Moroccan pancakes, a type of pancake, were an opportunity to meet this boy who came from afar with a dream on his chest. But we haven’t seen him on TV for a long time. Where were you?

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today Intend He achieved this dream thanks to the publicity provided by his friend Biagiarelli It is transmission Clergy He is the owner and his wife Hannay, Moroccan restaurant in Milan: La maison touareg.