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The NBA resumes in the United States: all the amazing numbers for one of the most important transformations in the world

The NBA resumes in the United States: all the amazing numbers for one of the most important transformations in the world

The NBA resumes in the United States – Photo by imago Economy

It is the most famous sports league in the world. It is not the club with the most revenue, surpassed only by the NFL, which has less popularity and fan numbers. NBA basketball attracts interest in every corner of the world. From the United States, where I was born, to Oceania, via Europe and Asia, two rapidly growing markets. Another interesting season began during the night.

And the Denver Nuggets for Serbian star Nikola Jovic, who won the ring in the last tournament. Milwaukee Bucks owner of Greek phenomenon Antetokounmpo. Los Angeles Lakers champion LeBron James. Golden State Warriors great Stephen Curry are four of the favorite teams in the 2024 edition of a tournament that, as usual, promises to be very balanced.

Ultimately, this is what makes millions and millions of people around the world passionate about. The Grand Champions are spread across many teams, meaning there can be a different winner each year. Sure, there have been periods of franchise dominance, even in recent history, but never more than three straight wins.

Her charm and success

Although the game has changed profoundly in recent seasons, with sporadic use of the three-point shot and increasingly weak defense, the NBA retains its charm. Football fans and game enthusiasts may no longer be as drawn to the American League as they were in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, but this has not had business repercussions, on the contrary.

The NBA brand is worth more than $10 billion. The league has profits of about 3 billion. Especially among young people, in America but not only, professional basketball is among the most followed sports.

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Movie, music and other sports stars compete to appear in arenas that are always filled with spectators. Historic teams like the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics are often destinations for fans from all over the world. However, they haven’t won the title in several years, even 50 years in the Manhattan borough!

The resumption of the NBA in the United States: between sports and business

The 30 franchises that make up the league have an average value of more than $2.80 billion. The “poorest”, the New Orleans Pelicans, has a total value of $1.6 billion, and the richest, the Golden State Warriors, is worth $7.

These numbers are dwarfed by other very rich leagues, such as the English Premier League or the Formula One circus. Obviously we are not talking about Italian football.

NBA basketball returns to the United States, and is the greatest example of sports business in the world. With a large number of enthusiasts and a sales volume exceeding $10 billion.