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Municipal Election 2022, elects Porto San Giorgio Vesprini.  The Sand Elpidio A More Case

Municipal Election 2022, elects Porto San Giorgio Vesprini. The Sand Elpidio A More Case

Fermo, 13 June 2022 – Citizens of two municipalities in Fermo Province, Porto San Giorgio and Sant Elpedio a More, They have elected a mayor who will manage them for the next five years. Counting yesterday’s vote today. TO Porto San Giorgio referendum Valerio Vespriny (65%), at the same time Francesco Gramegna stopped at 35%. TO Sant’Elpidio and MareThe ballot is lively but for a ‘handful’ of votes (or maybe less).

This number lives on in the rest of MarchPoll results in the regionVoting

The case of Sant’Elpidio a Mare

At first he was glad he had won the ballot, and then came the doubts: indeed Gionata CalcinariCentral-right mayoral candidate Wins the ballot Against the mayoral candidate Alessio Pignotti But, only for one drive. It is understandable that the omitted candidate, Alessandrini, may request the correction of zero or contested ballots.

“We are just starting out, we have not been on the Electoral Council for 5 years, so the result we have achieved is very satisfactory. We see it as a great starting point.

The center-right mayoral candidate is not thinking about alliances or alliances at this time: “In the meantime, we need to clarify who will actually go to the polls and then evaluate what will be done. We will make sure that we do. See also the role of the center-right force (read Fi, ed) chosen to run together and the talk of dissenting votes.

Elected mayor பெடாசோ, Where it is Vincenzo Bertini Was the only candidate.

For Voting in municipal electionsAt 11pm last night they called Dell 57.77% to Porto San Giorgio He was born 53.16% off Sant’Elpidio a MareCompared to the percentage 55.09% in March.

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Porto San Giorgio Election Results

Sant’Elpidio a Mare Election Results

The challenge of Porto San Giorgio

Two candidates Those who challenged each other for the mayoral chair: Francesco GramegnaSupported by four lists (#NoiPsg, Sangiorgio Viva, Porto San Giorgio Bene Comune, PD) And Valerio VesprinyWith 6 linked lists (It’s possible, Civic Action, at the center PSG, Onda Sangiojes, to Porto San Giorgio, together) So the person who gets the absolute majority of the valid votes in the first round will win.

Contest of Sant’Elpidio a Mare

They dRe-candidates Competition for the tricolor band: Alessio Pignotti, Fabiano Alessandrini, Gionata Calcinari. Bignotti On its page are 5 lists, for a total of 80 candidates (with you, Cem, the right choice, Cem Picnotti Mayor, we are in the center), Alexandrini Calculates support for 7 lists (Pd, Continuità e Progresso, The Rebirth for Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Sant’Elpidio a Mare in the center, Left for Sant’Elpidio, Action), finally 92 candidates Calcinari It is supported by 4 lists (brothers of Italy, Lega, Center-Right for Chem, Civic Union) with 64 candidates. Only 4 lists with party icons. All others are citizens.