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2022 MUNICIPAL ELECTION RESULTS Emilia Romagna: Live Count - Politics

2022 MUNICIPAL ELECTION RESULTS Emilia Romagna: Live Count – Politics

Bologna, 13 June 2022 – Starts as planned today at 2 p.m. Empty Cards in 21 municipalitiesEmilia Romagna Called for a vote yesterday Referendum on justice, Further Executive elections.

Michael Guerrero 43%, united center-left support, Pietro Vignali At 21.4%, supported by Lega and Forza Italia, he was already mayor from 2007 to 2011: these are municipal data BurmaWith the study of 36 sections in 204, the Pizzeria era comes to an end.

Therefore, to the city, the Runs June 26th, A trend that emerged yesterday from the election poll. TO Burma The 5 star motionIt achieved its first major victory here in 2012, signing an alliance with the Democratic Party-founded civic movement ‘Efetto Burma’. Pissarotti After he left the M5s.

Direct results of the municipal elections in Emilia Romagna

Towards the ballot Piacenza, The challenge will happen again in two weeks Patricia Barbary, Supported by compact center-right parties and the regional councilor Katia Tarasconi, Italy Supported by Pd with Viva and Piacenza Coraciosa. Tarasconi has a 41.39% lead compared to Barbie (37.03%), with 27 of the 108 categories being surveyed.

According to the first data, more unofficial, a Richion Center candidate left Daniela Angelini Will be back and forth Stefano Caldary Center-right support. On the other hand, he would not have relied on the plan Claudio Checheto.

TO Putrio, In the Bolognese area, after counting 6 of the 17 divisions, he is in the lead Deborah Pathiali (51.57% preferences), supported by five lists: one for Democrat Putrio, one for Budrio, one for Budrio Più, Europa Verde Budrio and, for the first time in Emilia Romagna Demos – Democracy Solidale list. The outgoing mayor is in second place Mauricio Massandi (37.90%) Two civic lists: ‘disease per putrio’ and ‘vivi putrio’.

Number in Municipal, ItalyPoll results in Emilia Romagna Definite voting

As the polls closed, at 11pm last night, Voting in the region It was 52.53% of the owners (it was 55.99% compared to the last executive session). Follow below Real time results.

Municipal elections in Emilia Romagna: direct results

New mayors in municipalities with a population of less than 15,000

Election in the province of Ferrara
Terre del Reno (elected mayor) Roberto Lodi With 52.23%)

Elections in the province of Forlì-Cesena
Castrocaro derme and Terra del Sol (Selected Francesco Billy With 53.30%), Tovadola (Selected Francesco Dasinari With 90.59%) e Longiano (Selected Mauro Graziano With 47.15%)

Election in the province of Modena
Castelnovo Rangoon (Elected mayor Massimo Paradise With 72.56%), Pompeo (The mayor resigned and was elected Tania Meschiari With 60.05%), Novena of Modena (Mayor Enrico Diachi With 55.61%)

Election in the province of Pharma
Besides Pharma, we are also going to the polls Look offThe majority of councilors resigned in the area where the city council was dissolved due to the resignation: the elected mayor Valentina Pontremoli With 57.26%.

Election in the province of Piacenza
With the exception of Piacenza, we vote for mayor Petola (Selected Pavlo Negri With 64.94% of the vote) Carbonetto Piacentino (Selected Andrea Arpani With 55.91%), Monticelli d’Ongina (Jimmy Distance Mayor with 50.07%) e Villanova Sul Arta (Selected Romano Freddy 54.54%)

Election in Ravenna Province
Riolo Derme (Elected mayor Federica Malavolti With 68.55%)

Elections in the province of Reggio Emilia
Camp (Elected mayor Alessandro Spano ‘ With 50.37%)

Election in Rimini Province
Apart from Riccion, we are also going to vote Coriano (Selected Gianluca Ugolini With 51.49%), Morsiano di Romagna (Mayor Giorgio Chiotti With 91.72%) and Sant’Agata Feltria (Where the mayor died), was elected Goffredo Polidori.

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