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General Motors svela guida senza mani per USA e Canada

General Motors Introduces Ultra Hands Free Driving for USA and Canada

Drivers GM Cadillac has traveled over 10 million miles without a steering wheel since General Motors launched its Super Cruise Driver Assistance system in 2017. Allow “95% Final Hands Free Driving on All Driving Scenes”.

Ultra is what distinguishes the Ultra Cruze from similar systems such as Ford’s BlueCruz. Designed To work almost anywhere in the US and Canada. Initially, the system is expected to work on 2 million miles of North American roads – including highways, city streets and sidewalk rural roads – which will eventually expand to cover about 3.4 million miles.

GM plans to continue to offer pre-existing supercruise drive systems for traditional vehicles such as the Escalate, CD4 / CD5, Silverado and Sierra, while Ultra Cruise will be assigned to its premium offerings. GM did not specify which vehicles will receive the new drive system first, although the company said some 2023 Cadillacs will lead the line.

Built on top of the recently announced Ultify computer system with countless optical cameras, radar and lidar sensors, Ultra Cruise supports automatic and custom lane changes, left and right turns, naturally respects road signs, even on residential driveways with obstacles and parking.

Further improvements and refinements to the system will be provided to vehicles with OTA updates. GM will bring the Super Cruise driver focus camera system to the new system.

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