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Mourinho after Roma-Zoria: Zaniolo?  Let's protect it

Mourinho after Roma-Zoria: Zaniolo? Let’s protect it

Roma coach praises his team for their behavior and embraces his star: “Let’s work in peace and this will also be necessary for the national team”

Roma gets rid of Zorya without worry, and for Mo, this is just good news. The Portuguese presented himself calmly in front of the microphones after the match: “Happy with the signal we gave, we had the responsibility to win and go ahead in the group, but we were not finished: we want to finish first. Today we performed well from the first minute, and the result at the end is also false. We made a lot, we could have done 5-6, I am satisfied with both the game and the individual performance.”


In the 4-0 match against the Ukrainians, the Zaniolo star, who was used by Mourinho as a second striker alongside Abraham, “in the past few games, he was on the bench because he had problems, he trained a little and then in this new field. I would have preferred him Shumorodov Because he used to play it, but today he’s playing very well. I said it last night, I wasn’t expecting anything from him but more than everyone else, I wanted a different attitude and got it.” Then the message to the environment. “Zaniolo has great potential but there is still a lot to learn tactically and his demeanor on the pitch. He has to trust, realize who he is. Let’s not forget his scars, even the emotional ones. After the injuries I see sometimes he’s afraid of getting hurt again, We should leave him alone, not lie to him, not invent stories and problems between us that don’t exist. Let’s work quietly and you will see that Mancini will give Zaniolo stronger.”

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Mo says he is proud of the team: “They are good guys, always available. We might have a bit of a challenge with the quality but in their exemplary behaviour, I never get angry with them for that. We are a good group, we never give up. Of course we could have been higher in the league. The Italian, we could have been the first in the group but I’m happy with them.” Conclusion on Ibrahim: “He’s on the right path, he has to grow more. He comes from a different reality, at Chelsea he didn’t work much with the team, here instead I ask him to put pressure on the defenders, I ask him to make physical efforts that limit him even a little.” He can score more goals and he will score them but I am happy because he is improving day by day.”