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You won a space ticket!  Here is the name of the lucky passenger

You won a space ticket! Here is the name of the lucky passenger

I always dreamed of fly in space But aren’t you an astronaut or a rich man? Not a problem: Virgo Galaxy presents the opportunity, shall we say, from the taste space with one of his excursions at an altitude of 100 kilometers, which is enough not only to enjoy a wonderful view of our planet, but also to experience Microgravity excitation. So if you are not among the 100 buyers of the same number of tickets Sold by Richard Branson for $450,000 each, you can hope to repeat the billionaire CEO The lottery according to which two seats were awarded on board the VSS. free.

The lottery just ended (the first edition, we hope at this point), and now the name of a very lucky winner has appeared. winner, sorry, because it’s Keisha S. from the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The aim of this initiative is also commendable, not only because the dream of a lifetime (or rather two as we will soon see) can be realized, but also because the money raised in collaboration with Omaze was Donated to charities. Viewing a total of 164,338 people $1.7 million To Space for Humanity to implement inclusion projects in space.

Everyone should have the same access to spaceSpiega BransonWhatever their age or whatever background they have“.

kun kesha The daughter will flyAstrophysics student. She was discovered to be a lottery winner with “fair” enthusiasm, as seeing the following:

Thus, the next space explorer enters the Virgin Galactic Future astronaut community by right, which brings together more than 700 people who come from more than 60 countries. And who knows if Elon Musk is not on the ship with Keisha and her daughter, Who has already shown an interest a Try the competition. There will definitely be Jeff Bezos, who instead wants to stay true to his blue descent Who, among other things, has already traveled. Not to mention Branson himself, as many of us will surely remember. The United Nations certainly remembers this and has beaten them well by reminding them that there are many other problems and priorities in the world.

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