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Jane Rivera, shocking photo at her father's funeral: social media in revolution

Jane Rivera, shocking photo at her father’s funeral: social media in revolution

some schok . shots Jane Rivera, the 20-year-old model who created a following TikTok and Instagram, He sparked a real quarrel on social media. In fact, the protests of the followers erupted through a series of photos that the young woman shared one day Father’s funeral. An exhibition of eight photographs taken with her in the foreground and behind her parents’ coffin, draped in the United States flag. The protests came immediately from fans, and not only that, who found the behavior of the Miami girl unpleasant on the day of her father’s last farewell. Sharp judgments bounced beyond girl referral platforms, especially on Twitter, Where there are those who have spoken of the fruits of “narcissistic culture drift”. Other followers, more devoted to understanding, politely scolded Jane Rivera, demanding that the pictures be removed and respect for her father, a veteran in the service of the country.

Jane Rivera’s Skok Shots

Still others point out that this move was intentionally taken to create a fuss and ensure the influencer emerges from the 11 million views. And there are also those who defended her, noting that although they did not agree with her actions, it was right not to criticize the girl on the day of her father’s funeral. “I understand the negative reaction, but I took the photos and posted them in good faith, knowing that my father would have approved the choice if he were still alive.” I have announced Rivera, NBC News. The losing followersHowever, the girl’s knot remains exposed: “I worked hard for eight years to build my audience, but people on the outside judge a book by its cover without trying to understand the intent or meaning of the text.”