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Monuments of Sant'Angelo d'Agri on tour in America

Monuments of Sant’Angelo d’Agri on tour in America

ACRI (CS) – “It’s a joy to be here, it’s a joy to see the joy in your eyes, it’s a joy to be in your midst, in this place where the heart of Acri and the city of Calabria still beats”, words from Father Francesco Donato During the Mass dedicated to Sant’Angelo d’Agri in the city WestIt is a place of residence Large acreage community.

From November 8 to 20, Indeed, the relics of Sant’Angelo d’Agri I am going on a pilgrimage to the States United, in various parishes between New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Following the solemn celebrations, Father Francesco Donato, superior of the Capuchin Convent of Acre, was present with the president of the ‘Sant’Angelo Foundation’, the promoter of the event, Alessandro Crocco.

“Like Sant’Angelo, who strove to alleviate the suffering of many poor people through love and comfort in a time troubled by poverty and inequality, we the Capuchin Friars Minor Capuchin of Calabria – underlining Father Donato – the spiritual heirs of his famous testimony, aim to make known the legacy and importance of Sant’Angelo. We share and promote initiatives and through his teachings comfort the increasingly lost and troubled souls in the outer world but above all in the inner conflicted world.

“Sant Angelo d’Agri Foundation, the life of a man dedicated and inspired by a man like us, – says President Crocco – reached the pinnacle of sanctity through a journey of intense faith and unconditional love for God and neighbor. All vigor and economy of self-promotion—continues the stern Crocco—he strikes us, because he plunges his hands into the problems of his time and the difficulties of the weak, and this is the message we make. Here, abroad, among our fellow countrymen, but also to make the image and teachings of Sant’Angelo known to American communities. It is exciting to recognize the great devotion to our Saint, who has found a home here in Acre – he concludes.

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The first meetings also saw a large attendance 1000 believers and believers The patron saint of Acre brought their hearty greetings.

The tour of relics, after touching down in Nutley, New Jersey yesterday, will be in Tuckahoe (NY) today, and tomorrow, Sunday, November 20, in Newark, Mass will be celebrated in Italian.