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Giuseppe Penone in the United States between Frick and Filadelfia

Giuseppe Penone in the United States between Frick and Filadelfia

(ANSA) – New York, March 08 – An important year for Giuseppe Penone to open in the United States: one month before the September exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, centered in Paris, with eleven exhibitions of donations of hundreds of drawings and “exhibitions in the Frick Collection” campaign , Large ceramic plates made by Piedmontese artist in association with renowned Chevrolet manufacturers. “This idea has been in production for at least two years because Frick Xavier Solomon looked at my ceramic works and suggested I show them in conversation with the ceramic collections in the collection,” Benon explained in an interview with ANSA. The artist, one of Arde Bovera’s leading figures in the perennial research on the relationship between man and nature, has been with Frick since the 1970s, and was inspired by the style of the House-Museum founded by Henry Frick, the steel magnate. “Art objects interact with each other regardless of when they were created”. Now that Frick has temporarily moved to former Whitney headquarters in the 1960s, in recent years collections of pottery enriched by the acquisition of the works of Chevrolet, Meissen and Du Pogier have taken a special place next to them. The disks were installed in public for the first time. There are “campaigns” as a result of the technical tour with a size of 60 cm. According to Giulio Dalvitz, moderator of the exhibition, “overall they combine broad themes at the center of Benon’s work between references to nature and the study of the most variable definition of what sculpture is.” Each disk – illustrating the artist – begins with the fingerprint of one of his fingers: the symbol of the work’s work. Each footprint will begin to form a circle from the lines, and then the whole surface of the ceramic will have the effect of stimulating the growth circles of the trees by the chevron workers, but there will be no waves on the water in the radiation. Results.
The eleventh disc is made of gold, the ceramics of which are mostly decorated with precious metals in honor of the Sèvres manufacturers. Against the backdrop of two overseas matches, the dramatic international situation. Benon was “shocked” by what was happening in Ukraine: “My generation thought wars would end, and they believed in a peaceful world and a dialogue between cultures”. The exhibition at Frick precedes the meeting in Philadelphia: in addition to the drawings – 309 plus books by five artists donated to the Museum two years ago – the sculptures will be on display to complete the understanding. All of these were born in conjunction with Carlos Pascualdo, the curator of contemporary art, who hosted Jasper Johns’ best exhibition about the Whitney “with great sensitivity”, and with a museum that historically points to a special relationship with art. It works by artists such as Fran்குois and Marcel Duchamp.

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