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Monte dei pegni Italians try to sell anything: dramatic reality

Monte dei pegni Italians try to sell anything: dramatic reality

As they post pictures on vacation on social media, most Italians have taken refuge in the pawnshop: the situation is dramatic

Beach holidays, beach parties, aperitifs in fancy places. These are the realities we seem to see on social media. While at work, we scroll through people’s Instagram stories and wonder what work they’re doing to endure all this. But, unfortunately, the Italian reality is very different, and the numbers speak for themselves. On the one handThe rise in interest rates with the concomitant increase in commodity prices, On the other hand, the strict directives of Europe regarding greenhouses.

The Italians are in debt: they have no more money –

The economic situation is collapsing But, as every time Italy is on its last legs, we keep paddling with our heads down, not looking ahead. This scramble for survival is driving people into foreclosures on properties. Savings are running out The European Central Bank has no intention of lowering interest rates, On the contrary, new increases are expected, but once the savings run out, how will Italians pay for their homes?

What is the problem with the Italians: the truth is not what is told on social networks, we fall into debt

Well, because it must be known that the Italian problem is that just as the prices of milk, gas and energy increase, at the same time the salaries are fixed and ridiculous. The economic situation looks like a boat going to the bottom with citizens who continue to quarrel in the hope that it will be able to reach the shore. In fact, if the boat is not fixed, it may move a little bit but it will continue to sink.

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Italians are in debt: they have no more money, they rush to the pawnshop
The Italians are in debt: they have no more money –

Social networks fail to reflect this reality because in the fantasy of an ideal life, between weddings and celebrations, you have to show yourself when you go out to dinner, not when you can’t pay the mortgage.

Between one toast and another, Italians would find themselves unable to bear even a car tripAnd But this does not appear. The latest data from the pawnshop shows that in the last year alone there has been a 95% increase in of orders in most Italian cities.

People showed their willingness to give everything, any kind of thing, but no one talks about this frustrating situation. From vacuum cleaners with golden handles to objects of uncertain origin with some gems. At this point, we must all recognize the situation and implement solid policies that can bring the country back. We’ll have to think of an appetizer later.