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Monster Hunter Rise on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Germany release date leaked -

Monster Hunter Rise on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Germany release date leaked –

Monster Hunter Rise It appears to be confirmed Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Passwith the release date Official leaked, possibly ahead of schedule, through the official Xbox Germany Twitter account: it will be available in the subscription catalog for consoles and PC from January 20, 2023.

There are not many explanations about it, but rumors about the possibility of Monster Hunter Rise arriving on Xbox Game Pass have already appeared in recent days, so we can take this as confirmation, although it is not an official communication.

In the event that the tweet should be removed, which is quite possible, you can see it in the screenshot below.

Monster Hunter Rise on Xbox Game Pass Xbox DACH screenshot

On January 20, 2023, Monster Hunter Rise will also hit the Xbox platform and will do so directly in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, as well as on PC Game Pass.

This is somewhat unexpected news, considering the game was considered a Nintendo Switch console exclusive until now, but the fact that it was later also released on PC bodes well for further expansion to a potential audience.

At this point we await any more detailed information on this subject and also on the arrival of Sony platforms, bearing in mind that the opening to other consoles could also easily include PS5 and PS4. The idea is that the Xbox DACH announcement is ahead of its time, possibly due to arrive in the next few days and possibly during The Game Awards 2022 which takes place next week.

We still don’t consider it an official communication but we can believe that the information in the removed tweet was correct and that Monster Hunter Rise is slated to be part of the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass catalog in January 2023 introductions In the meantime, the game has been updated to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak release.

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