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Games will inevitably return to 30fps by Richard Leadbetter -

Games will inevitably return to 30fps by Richard Leadbetter –

Richard Leadbetter of the Digital Foundry went into the merits of the 60 fps vs. 30 fps issue, expressing his opinion, clearly justified: according to him, the future of Xbox Xbox X And the PS5 pass too 30 frames per second. Maybe not exclusive, but it will become more frequent, while the support for 60 frames per second will decrease, which is not going away anyway.

The reason is quite simple: With the need to make the PS4 and Xbox One versions of games fade away, developers are focused on taking advantage of the full suite of new features of Unreal Engine 5, and modeling new 3D rendering:

“We’ve already got our first experience of the graphics quality offered by Unreal Engine 5, thanks to the massive demo The Matrix Awakens, which came out last year.”

In particular, for Leadbetter, Lumen and Nanite are central to the matter, as they allow exceptional results, but also require spending a lot of resources, as shown in the demo itself, which ran at a really unstable frame rate, bending GPU and CPU.

The point is quite clear: 60 fps sacrifices a lot of detail, while 30 fps allows you to spend a lot of resources on it, and get excellent results. We conclude that for games that rely heavily on visual rendering, such as A Plague Tale Requiem, developers will always choose 30fps.

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