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Misdiagnosis.  Valentina Ferragni talks about health problems

Misdiagnosis. Valentina Ferragni talks about health problems

Valentina Ferragni He never concealed his health problems, always talking about them openly, inviting them to undergo some routine checkups. Furthermore, prevention is a topic that closely affects Chiara’s younger sister. On social media, she shared with her followers her current health status: She recovered from skin cancer, and Valentina discovered that she had Insulin resistance over a year ago. However, the diagnosis may be wrong, as she herself admitted.

Valentina Ferragni, misdiagnosis story on Instagram

In 2021, Valentina announced Suffering from insulin resistance. “The analyzes did not go well, I have a disease in a more serious form than expected. Diagnosis is not easy.” However, the results of the tests, which the influencer shared on the social media, will be null, and Ferragni was the one who said that.

“Unfortunately, I found out that all the tests I had in the last year (in which I was ‘diagnosed with insulin resistance) They are defective and practically null (I won’t go into details because it’s a very long and not very pretty topic.) And now a year later, I take all the tests over and over again Hopefully we don’t have anythingIt follows that he will have to undergo further tests to try to understand the situation better. The hope is that the analyzes are negative and that he can solve the problem as soon as possible.

The scar on the forehead and skin cancer

It looked like a pimple at first. A simple point on the skin, as it can happen to anyone. However, upon closer examination, Valentina Ferragni It was discovered that he had a benign tumor. The diagnosis, which occurred in a timely manner, allowed the influencer to begin treatment immediately. And I recently went to the hospital just for Check the scarwhich he watches, but not only.

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In fact, he wrote on Instagram: “I went to show me the scar on my forehead about 6 months after the operation. The consistency of treating it every evening with the cream and the patch, in applying the 50 sunscreen all over the face and in not exposing myself to the sun (always with the hat) made it invisible practical now.” The scar somehow became hers personal battle. He drew from him the strength and courage to tell his story and invite us to listen to our bodies and the signals it sends us so much more.

Valentina Ferragni Awareness Campaign

It’s not easy to talk openly about your health issues on social media, far from it. Because it means to undress, to reveal oneself, in no uncertain terms or for hidden truths. The discovery that she had skin cancer did not defeat Valentina nor insulin resistance. For this reason, he decided to see things differently: to share a piece of it, to show the scar, to raise awareness among his followers, and openly support prevention. It is a courage one cannot really resist.

Valentina Ferragni's health diagnosis

Valentina Ferragni, diagnosis update on Instagram