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Milan holds this position – Italian Stock Exchange

news photo (Teleborsa) – Unchanged session for Avary Squarewhile the main European stock exchanges are heading lower.

seat a little high forEuro / US dollar, which advances to 1.019. L ‘He went He maintains his position largely flat at $1,708.8 an ounce. Oil (Light Crude Oil) is showing modest gains and represents +0.58%.

Consolidation of eve levels it Spreadsettles at +212 basis points, with the ten-year yield on BTP remaining at 3.25%.

Among the major European stock exchanges faint Frankfurt 0.39% presentation, disappointing Londonfalling below levels tonight, slow Pariswhich shows a slight decrease of 0.60%.

There are no major changes to the Milan roster, with FTSE MIB which stands at 21.130 points on the eve; On the same line, parity moves FTSE Italia All-ShareWhich continues today at 23178 points.

on eve levels FTSE Italia medium hat (-0.11%), in partial regression The star of FTSE Italia (-0.42%).

between The best Italian stocks big, exploit SaipemWhich shows a rise of 4.99%.

toned Unicredit Which shows a good 1.54% advantage.

.’s modest performance Telecom ItaliaWhich shows a moderate rise of 1.28%.

resistance Intesa San Paulowhich represents a slight increase of 1.23%.

On the other hand, the strongest sales appear STMicroelectronicsWhich continues to trade at -2.13%.

humble descent to my recordingswhich results in a small -1.41%.

venerable ampliphonewith a fractional decrease of 1.38%.

frequent InterpumpWith a modest decrease of 1.16%.

between Best Stocks in FTSE MidCapAnd the Alerion Clean Power (+3.28%), Seeing the heart of the scorpion (+2.95%), Wet (+2.69%) e Mfe b (+1.69%).

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On the other hand, the strongest sales appear SolWhich continues to trade at -1.69%.

lazy day for BremboWhich represents a decrease of 1.28%.

small loss for pleasewhich is trading at -1.2%.

frequent Intercoswhich is down 1.12%.

between Macroeconomic quantities the most important:

Tuesday 19/07/2022
08:00 United kingdom: Unemployment rate (expected 3.9%; previous 3.8%)
08:00 United kingdom: Unemployment Claims (-41.2K units expected; Previously -19.7K units)
11:00 am European Union: Consumer Prices, MoM (expected 0.8%; previously 0.8%)
11:00 am European Union: Consumer Prices, Annual (expected 8.6%; previous 8.1%)

Wednesday 20/7/2022
08:00 Germany: Production prices, annualized (expected 33.9%; previous 33.6%)
08:00 Germany: Production Prices, MoM (expected 1.1%; previously 1.6%)
08:00 United kingdom: Consumer Prices, Annual (9.2% expected; 9.1% before).

(Teleborsa) 2022-07-19 09:30