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Work: March 13 and a half million for 15,000 unemployed – Marche

Project Gul for people with income from citizenship or the unemployed

(ANSA) – ANCONA, July 19 – Two calls and €13 and a half million to find work for nearly 15,000 unemployed people in the Marche region (14,800) who are currently receiving citizenship income or unemployment compensation. This is the Joule, Assurance, Employability of Workers project, which has been vetted by the Marsh District for Labor Policy Development, presented today by Regional Adviser Stefano Agutsi. “We have a paradoxical situation – he said -: companies are understaffed and employment centers have many members who are looking for work. There is difficulty matching demand with supply and it is clear that there is a need to improve the comparison. The goal is to prepare people to enter the world of Work How?It provides total funding of up to 21 million euros, of which 8 are for social issues, the rest is directed to the agencies of temporary workers who will be identified who will have to find work for people and in other places to train these people until they are appointed to jobs.And they will analyze them, if They were prepared to go to temporary agencies, if they were not trained they would be included in specific paths.” The tender, in the amount of three million and 450 thousand euros, will be for the identification of temporary agencies, and the other, of 10 million and 200 thousand euros, will be for training. Affiliates must carry out the project to the end, except for the sure reasons for giving up, and once formed, they will not be able to let go of the pain of losing support which will be evaluated from time to time. The project has already started and calls will be released by July. “We are going through a complex phase – noted the head of the Marche district, Francesco Acquaroli, who spoke during the presentation of the project – it is necessary to identify the tools necessary for an immediate and effective response.”


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