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Web polluting: what does that mean?

Browsing the Internet also pollutes websites. Over time, the increase in images, images, multimedia texts, links, etc. has led to an increase in the weight of websites and therefore an increase in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Let’s find out what it means to talk about pollution from the Internet and the web and what are the consumptions for this type of energy used.

This is why it is necessary to talk about it Energy savingFrom circular economy And the New ways to produce energy.

Web pollution: the number of emissions

emissions, carbon dioxide

Each website produces an average of 1.76 grams of CO2 emissions (CO2) for All page displayed on the network, So, for example, if the site in question is registered 100,000 page views per monthas a whole will be issued 2.1 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

There are many sites on the internet where you can calculate how much your website is polluted by pasting the url into the calculator. Usually, in addition to a The website is complex and rich in featuresThe more energy this needs to operate, the more energy it will have polluting emissions.

On average today The web page weighs about 2 megabytes (compared to the scarce 500kb of 2010) So it was quickly determined how much they pollute today Websitesprecisely because a file Photos and videos contribute to this weight gain.

Web pollution: how to reduce emissions


One of the most effective ways Reduce your website’s carbon footprint is to switch to a file green web hostpowered by Renewable energy sources. to improve Active efficiency of the siteYou will also have important advantages in Positioning on Google.

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Every user can try it To reduce pollution by surfing the Internetbearing in mind that it was calculated that, on average, Surf the InternetReleased approx 244 kg per year So far ICT sector (Information and Communication Technology) because of 3.7% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

To do this the user can Delete old messagesAvoid sharing heavy content. Access to the site directly from the site itself without searching for it in the search engine