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Midsummer Island Adventure has a release date and trailer –

Midsummer Island Adventure has a release date and trailer –

Jinshin effect About to update to Version 1.6, The update a particularly large community of players awaits, for which a specific release date is now set June 9, 2021 And also an official title: Midsummer Island Adventure, shown in A. Movie trailer.

With the arrival of heat Property Also in the Teyvat universe, the next update to the Genshin Impact appears to be specifically designed to release some of the character-themed outfits, but also to add many adventures from the summer climate into the fantasy RPG in question.

Meanwhile, we’re talking about the first New character Which will be introduced with update 1.6, i.e. Kidhara Kazuha, Who will join the cast as he directs Archon Quest into a new chapter. Players who complete the main story in Liyue will be able to continue with the new Archon Quest with Kazuha, and spend some time in the new yet unreleased marine area.

Midsummer Island Adventure It is characterized by the presence of the prevailing sea and the possibility of exploring the different islands by boat transportation. The story begins with Total receiving a mysterious message from the Dodo King, who threatens to take Dodoco away. So the traveler must go with a special A boat called Waverider To explore a remote and unknown archipelago in the middle of the sea.

The 1.6 expansion will be divided into four successive stages, each with a certain gameplay but all focused on using the Waverider, the boat that defines this new part of the adventure in particular.