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Microsoft has stopped supporting several CPUs: any PCs running Windows 11 won't run on them anymore

Microsoft has stopped supporting several CPUs: any PCs running Windows 11 won't run on them anymore

Microsoft is updating compatibility with upcoming Windows 11 updates which will not work on all computers.

In the world of technology and information technology We often hear the concept of an old copy: This characteristic applies to all of these IT elements, both at the level Programming Which hardwarewhich can no longer be updated due to Very Old As a result, they fail to support new technologies.

Windows 11 will no longer work on these computers (

In fact, tech companies would rather let them go Brand new releases instead of Update continuously Those that are outdated and that, at some point, will no longer be supported. The working method just described can be applied to any technological and IT element: hardware hardware, Platforms, ApplicationsOperating systems and much more.

Everything, at a certain point, becomes… Very outdated It no longer receives support and updates from the parent company; One of the most recent practical examples that points to what has just been said is that of Microsoft which is coming very soon Support will be closed for some CPUs Too dated for them Windows 11 updates.

New version of Windows 11: Will not be available for all CPUs.

Microsoft has been working for some time on the new version of the Windows 11 operating system, which will soon be officially released on many computers: This new version is called 24H2will witness the arrival of many changes to users regarding some basic functions and various system applications found on the company's operating system Bill Gates.

Windows 11 update
Windows 11 update: not all CPUs will be supported (

Most updates, as we've mentioned several times in the past, will be dedicated to Remove some borders imposed by the European Commission's Digital Markets Act. Thus, the 24H2 version of Windows 11 will allow users to take many actions that were not possible before such as deleting system applications such as Cortana s Microsoft Store.

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Or change the default search engine in your taskbar, so you won't have to use it anymore Bing. Aside from the contents and news of the update, it is important to know that this is a new version of Windows It will not be compatible with all CPUs..

Microsoft has, in fact, stated that Windows 11 24H2 It will require presencePOPCNT Statement To start, it is an element that is not found in all CPUs. In fact, these instructions were first introduced by Intel in 2008, hence, Some Intel Core i5, i7 and earlier processors It may not be compatible with the new version and thus unable to start the operating system.