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“You and I are so alike”

Sophie Codigoni confides in Manuel Portozo about the relationships they have inside the house of big brother Vib, respectively with Gianmaria Antinolfi and Lolo Selassie: “We often begin to idealize types of people and relationships.”

Sentimental secrets between Sophie Codegoni and Manuel Portozzo, while allowing the model to go into some considerations regarding the behaviors they both have towards their partners in the home big brother vip. They both have very fickle relationships with two other rivals, distances and convergence between back and front, leaving more than one roommate open-mouthed and no longer understanding anything about the progress of things. Sophie has a constant flirtation with the businessman Janmaria Antinolfi, While Manuel with the princess Lulu Selassie. Sophie debuted with Manuel:

We often model the types of people and relationships…and whine about every problem. Surely here you have the opportunity to get to know the person well and create trust in a short time.

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In this you and I are very similar. Many of your positions are exactly the same as mine […] To understand if you are missing, a person should be far away.

Aldo Montano’s reaction

Manuel Portozzo and Aldo Montano Min

Speeches and behaviors Manuel e Sophie, who sometimes leads their partners away inside the house, caught their attention Aldo Montano Then he commented on the letter:

You guys are complicated to understand huhIn normal life, you have to be more serious…Either I like you or I don’t like you […] If there was good chemistry, the accelerator would be here.

e Sufi Reply:

However, it must be a very strong chemistry…

is being Sufi who – which Manuel In recent days, they have reconnected with their suitor, even if this wasn’t the first time this had happened. For this, as in the case of lulu That this instability suffers so badly, many do not view the rollercoaster that characterizes relations between the two countries favorably.

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