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Men and women, unfortunately Luciano will not exist: as it is today

In the upcoming edition of Men and Women, Luciano Giannelli, the historical knight of the throne, will not attend. what are the reasons? Here are all the details and rumors!

men and women Will be back in September as usual. Maria De Filippi’s historical dating show since its inception will return to broadcasting on Canale 5 – as always in the early afternoon – starting at Monday 19 September! From that date on, passionate broadcasters will be able to return to “like” the various heroes of Classic and Over the Throne!

Luciano Giannilli for men and women –

In the upcoming release, won’t Luciano Giannelli, the famous rider of the Trono Over format, be present in the studio? For any reason? Here’s how it is today!

Men and women: that’s why Luciano will not attend

men and women It has been on the air since 1996, but since 2001 it has changed shape and has become a real dating show. From the beginning, as mentioned, the program has always been run by the Queen of Mediaset Maria de Filippi! In addition to the classic throne, a new format has also been specially created since the 2010 season. We refer to above throne, Where knights, ladies and suitors aged 35 and over can participate!

On the broadcast, men and women of all ages enter the studio in search of love. Everyone’s goal then is to meet the right person, for a romantic relationship to continue even off the show and out of the spotlight! One of the most beloved knights on Over Throne was – without a doubt – Luciano Giannelli. But why won’t there be next year? Here’s the indiscretion on his account!

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as expected, Luciano Giannelli – Historic Knight of the Throne – He won’t be in the studio for the next edition of Men and Women. The guy is known and appreciated for his dances in the middle of the studio! But who launched this indiscretion and spread the farewell rumor?

Goodbye, Luciano Giannelli - 24082022 -
Luciano Giannelli will no longer be in the studio at Men and Women: here’s the indiscretion and the reason – released the crap about his farewell to the studio. The causes may be related to unspecified health problems. This is what you can read: “The next version of the popular dating program will be without Luciano… To prevent him from participating in the program again, his health problems are of great concern to the editorial staff and to De Filippi herself.”. We hope Luciano recovers as quickly as possible and is back to entertain many of the viewers at home in his ways!