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The last episode of Friends 20 And it aired on Channel 5 Tonight, May 15, 2021, from 21.20.

Young singers qualified for the finals in the game Sangiovanni, Deddy, Aka7even, And dancers Julia and Alessandro.

Consists of the total prize pool available to grab from 150,000 euros in gold coins, Assigned to the competitor who will receive the most votes Through the television system. The audience from home Voting can be done in different ways: By the occasion a program For smart devices and via Smart TV enabled; Or directly From the site WittyTV.

Additionally, the jury is made up of members Italian newspapers and the web The winner is elected in Critics Award, For which it is awarded a set of prizes 50,000 euros. Aharon 50,000 euros As a prize for the winners of the Category awards. Finally, the songwriter Giovanni Caccamo Connecting Siae Prize € 20,000 for the author of the best original text.

Each contestant also receives a final Marley Prize 7000 Euros worth of gold coins. Also the radio stations RDS, Radio Italia, R101, RTL 102.5 Vote to elect a winner in Radio Award, Attributed to the best unreleased song.

They confirmed the participation of some distinguished guests: Singer JayaThe winner of the previous edition of talent, He passes the stick For the elected winner tonight. Also the artist Displays a preview On the stage of Amici his new song BuccaWhich he made With Sean Paul. Finally, they are also here Comedian Bio and Amedeo.

Friends of 20 Final May 15, live broadcast

The episode begins, presenter Maria de Felipe introduces the jury: Stefano Di Martino, Emmanuel Filiberto, and Stache. “We finally got Stash to come into the studio dude!” Jokes de Martineau.

After that, the finalists all climb to the stage: the singers Sangiovanni, Deddy, Aka7even, And dancers Julia and Alessandro.

“In all of the finals, I’ve always been talking to you. This time we asked your teammates to write ideas for you. Sanjiovanni wrote something that I think could work for everyone.” Maria De Filippi begins, before showing a video showing photos of the different versions of the Amici. And then, that edition just passed.

“Amici is the perfect train: always on time, everything works perfectly. Our journey is over, let’s throw a round of applause, as when you clap when the plane lands. Sangiovanni Books.

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Finally, take the stage Gaia, Champion of the previous version of friends, To pass the trophy to the future champion. The artist is very excited: “I’m going home tonight. I congratulate you: you are beautiful souls who will fly after this flight. I wish you from the bottom of my heart.” He claims Gaia.

Final Begins: Singers Circle

That explains the final Maria de FelipeDivided into two circles: one for singing and one for dancing. The two circuits were completed, Two competitors are selected, one from each district; finally, The final match will be held between them to elect the final winner.

Friends 20 Final May 15

The first to perform is Aka7evenWith the song Luca.

Right after that, it’s up DiddyPerformed with Zero steps.

Friends 20 Final May 15

Finally, take the stage Sangiovanni, Long referred to as the final favorite, along with the song Lady.

So, it goes again DiddyPerformed with it’s not mine.

And then it leads again SangiovanniWith the song Best wishes, By Raphaela Cara.

Right after that, it’s up Aka7even, Copy it from hypnotic.

Before continuing, Maria de Felipe It shows the audience the covers of the records made by the three artists. Then he announced it They only have to sing one song each, Before knowing who will go to the finals.

They perform in order SangiovanniAnd the Aka7evenWho sings his song YellowAnd finally Diddy. After his performance, the television broadcast of the circuit of singers and journalists connected ends They express themselves in the finalists.

Amici 20 Final May 15, the final singer is Sanjiovani

What Italians love most tonight, they dance with the most beloved Italians. They perform with the ultra-modern Tuca Tuca ‘ He claims Emmanuel Filiberto To announce a breakup Stefano Di Martino and Lorela Cocarini.

Then after a short commercial break, Maria de Felipe Announces that the singer selected for the final is Sangiovanni. Who, after receiving the news, was taken.

Friends 20 Final May 15, dance floor

The dance floor shows start at Julia. Therefore, it leads Alessandro. “It’s hard to find a confident dancer. “ States Cocarini.

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Friends 20 Final May 15

Then, Julia and Alessandro took turns on stage several times, Every time with a different piece. Surprisingly, during Julia’s final performance, Her father gives her a message. “I am proud of you”.

As it happened with the Singers Circle, before the journalists came forward with regard to congratulating the final candidates. Rudi Al-Zarbi It is suggested to Areisa To dance with him toa toka, But she rejects the offer.

Critics Award: Sangiovanni wins

All finalists are called on stage to announce the winner Critics Award. Delivers it Stefan Garni, new coach of My Evening Amici.

Renato Tortarolo, From Nineteenth century He will give the prize to Julia. Renato Franco from Corriere della SeraInstead, he would have chosen Sangiovanni. Also Mattia Marzi from ProphetAnd the Marco Mangiarotti From QN and Fabrizio Biasin from Libero That would premiere Sangiovanni.

Reporters, one by one, express their personal preferences, pointing as they go Sangiovanni As preferred. In the end, it was San Giovanni himself who won the Critics Prize.

Then, Arisa e Stash Duet on stage. They are singing Dear friend Lucio Dalla.

Pew and Amedeo, Julia finalists performed on the dance floor

Comedians Bio and Amedeo I’m in a studio advertisement Friends 20 To lead. “Can we accept each other?The two ask de Felipe. She was hesitant at first, by the rules of fighting Covid. “But you make us do a thousand tampons a day!” The comedians object. Even at the end They both get the desired kiss with the host.

“We want to celebrate Amici’s twenty years. She’s also twenty years of work for us. Two years ago, we prepared a letter for you.” Warning Bio and Amedeo.

“Maria, you can stay at home and take selfies with your husband, put diamond teeth on like a rapper. You can do motocross skis in the living room. Instead you are here in Amici. In a year, you go on vacation for ten days.” They claim.

“You don’t know how much good you do to people: You will be the first blessed alive.” continue. But then, what names do these competitors have? When Salvatore returns, Marco … all Irama, Aka7even, Stash … ”.

Finally, the name of the dance floor finalist has been announced: Julia.

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Friends 20 Final May 15

The final match between Julia and Sanjovanni

Maria de Felipe officially opens the television broadcast to participate in the Final. The winner is between Julia and Sanjovanni Actually he was just chosen Preferences expressed through television.

See the challenge in turns Sangiovanni With singing, e Julia With the dance. Begins SangiovanniAnd he sings the song Malibu.

The challenge continues to journalists from the jury They praise Sangiovanni and Giulia For their skills. In particular, then, With all final authors of unpublished worksThe real surprise of this version of Amici 20.

Even Stash claims it “Thank you. I remembered the feelings I felt when I participated in Amici. Regardless of the outcome, it all starts here.”.

Upon the thousandth request from the zerbi, Arisa gives him Tuca Tuca and gives him. Then the grand final continues, and Sangiovanni Sing The hype.

Final Referee: Julia Amici 20 winner

“Once Sangiovanni wrote me a note: I see you in the final.” Says Julia. “Julia always tried to be beautiful and different. She didn’t know that she was really beautiful and different, and she didn’t have to change anything about herself.” Then comment Sangiovanni.

Elena Damario Delivery on TIM Prize, worth € 30,000 in gold. the winner is Julia.

The Radio Award, For the unpublished Amici 20, more radio broadcasts, delivered by some representatives of the major national radio stations. the winner is SangiovanniWith the song Malibu.

There are other prizes to be awarded. Then it’s up to Saiy Award€ 20,000 worth of gold. The award is presented by Giovanni Caccamo. Sangiovanni He is the winner again.

Then Giulia Pauselli attributes to Marl Prize, 7,000 euros in gold, For each of the competitors.

Finally, the time for final judgment has come, Election of the winner of Amici 20. But first, Gaia She performs with her new single Bucca.

For the last time, he discovers de Felipe Battlefield Winner Card. It reveals who is the winner of Amici 20 Julia.

Sangiovanni, on the other hand, is receiving Singing category award.


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