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Mario Draghi, The Rocket on Citizenship Income.  So he tries to spoil the vacations of Renzi and Salvini - Il Tempo

Mario Draghi, The Rocket on Citizenship Income. So he tries to spoil the vacations of Renzi and Salvini – Il Tempo

An appeal to Italians: vaccinate. And numerous letters, somewhat veiled, of the majority supporting him, with known controversies, for the government. Mario Draghi took a few days off – we met yesterday with the ministers in two weeks – to be ready to leave “with the same determination, but more”. Because if the economy is “going well and hopefully” there are “answers to urgent and serious problems”.

The prime minister meets journalists for a short greeting before the summer holidays during which he wishes all Italians a happy holiday and repeats the plea: “Get vaccinated and respect the rules.” Six months into the ruling – “I congratulated the ministers yesterday on the work done, but also added that I was the least apt to do it, because I have a great interest in being praised and appreciated” – the first point on the agenda is still the fight against Covid. “We must make sure that we have done everything possible on the basis of the data available to us,” the premier stressed.

But there are other issues knocking on the door of Chigi Palace, “Employment, social safety net reform, companies are in crisis, and then there’s the PNRR agenda, tax mandates, competition, the list is long and you know that too.”, the prime minister admits. And then, there’s safety in Work, it’s still a cursed topic these days, one that “is so close to all of us and I in particular, we should try to do something to improve the unacceptable situation,” he says.
Draghi addressed, “A tender and moving thought to everyone who loved Laila Al-Harem.”

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Will the government manage not to be shaken by dealing with a complicated to-do list in the middle of the white semester? “The parties look at the results as I do – I assure the former ECB – they have no different goals in mind, it seems strange but they also work for the Italians, there is no juxtaposition of ends, which is the only thing that is good and the others are working, not you are working together.”

And do not disentangle the idea of ​​a possible race to the Quirinale, for which it is put forth every day by someone: “The government lives because there is a parliament that makes it alive and legitimizes. The horizon is in the hands of Parliament, I cannot express visions: I am here called to do it, I try to do it in the best possible way, and then we will see ”, he says stiffly. Here and now, recognizing the very difficult moment for the country, even if the past few weeks have seen a rise in jitters in parties that risk being a mere anticipation of what will happen as of September, with the administrator of the big city and then the great maneuvers of Colle.

However, Draghi sends a strong and clear signal about citizenship income, the Pentastil flag always opposed by the centre-right, first of all Salvini who was also in the government that approved it and which Matteo Renzi was recently thrown against: “It is too early to say whether it will be Fix it, redesign it, and if it will change the audience – as the fortuneteller says – what I would say is that I completely agree with the concept on the basis of citizen’s income.” The game is fully open but in the meantime, happy holiday.

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