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Drama on the plane and chaos on the runway "Phone calls to the police" - Libero Quotidiano

Drama on the plane and chaos on the runway “Phone calls to the police” – Libero Quotidiano

Exciting ordeal, the one he went through 153 touristsMost of them are from Puglia, “prisoners on board. Or rather, hostages”. All this on a Ryanair plane that you should carry From Bari to Zakynthos, Greece. The flight was scheduled to be 10.40 today, but as Corriere della Sera writes, it will not leave before 14.10 “for traffic reasons”. This was explained on board by the crew members, who responded to the obvious complaints of passengers.

The point, as some passengers have pointed out, is that Boarding has been carried out despite the expected delay of departure, forcing passengers to stay on board for an extended period. One of the passengers informs was running: “And here there are many people who started going up and down with the mask.” And, of course, as we all know, tension rises during an epidemic.

Then he asked the passengers to get off the plane and stay on the runway waiting for departure, circumstance but was categorically dismissed by Ryanair’s crew. And again, one of the teachers on the ship complains: “Many of us have asked for water, but we have to pay, as if it was a benefit rather than a necessity given the situation.” But that’s not all: some passengers also called the police and the police to report what was happening.

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