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All our health data to the tax authorities to impose a fine of 100 euros - Il Tempo

All our health data to the tax authorities to impose a fine of 100 euros – Il Tempo

Among the absurdities of compulsory vaccination against which the Mario Draghi government decided 50 vaccinations is not only double the penalty: 100 euros, on top of that for one time. Also, the inequality of treatment between those who remain without pay if they do not adjust and those who may receive citizenship income, is also no longer affected by the fine. There’s more, as Guido Crosetto explained on Sunday, January 9th during an episode of Controcorrente, the show that Veronica Gentili ran on Rete 4.

The former minister, one of the founders of Fratelli d’Italia, does not understand why the Revenue Agency will impose administrative penalties on those who vaccinate against Covid. “By transmitting our health data to the tax authorities, and if any of us have, for example, weaknesses, a tumor or serious diseases. All this to pay a fine of 100 euros.” This is because the Revenue Agency will have to wait to see if the person has not been vaccinated because they may have an exemption from certain diseases, Corsetto assumes. This is where disaster becomes technical. As of June, the ASL is expected to be able to communicate data on vaccination exemptions, and today it is still not possible to attack the former minister. “We’re in surrealism, it’s not politics. It’s technology,” Crusito says, denouncing the privacy issue.

In short, it does not make sense to combine the health data of all Italians to track down a few non-professionals who should be fined one hundred euros, this is the logic of Crosetto, who for days has been denouncing the absurdity and asking the privacy guarantor to hit one shot.

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Then Paulo Del Dipio interferes with the broadcast. “You have to tell me what the revenue agency has to do with an administrative penalty that has nothing to do with the tax authorities,” says Dritto e rovescio leader who has lent a helping hand to Crosetto. Then the journalist takes it upon himself to commit to the super green strides of public transportation: “Who’s doing the check? The driver? You need a public servant, not me but the right person.”