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Cashback, tight checks for the first six months


The first half of your regular cashback is coming to an end. And the measures to combat cunning are beginning to bear fruit.

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After the cashback “trial” and nearly six months of normalcy, there was time to take the correct countermeasures. It’s been official for quite some time now: being sly no longer works. With the closing of the first half of the cashback program Officially, in fact, comprehensive reviews to understand where the intervention is located and what needs to be fixed seem to have paid off. And not only. In light of the summer months, the monitoring system has been further strengthened, precisely to avoid nasty surprises. In fact, it is expected that the sum of 1,500 euros will soon be paid to the maximum extent for those who will be among the first 100,000 participants to count further operations.

The problem arose when we noticed the regulatory loophole that allowed a large number of competitors to accumulate a massive chain of transactions. With the privacy of making very small things, Together, to support one account. A practice that, although not officially inconsistent with any rule (hence the hole came), had the side effect of sending managers, especially fuel dispensers, into a crisis. Most targeted by cashback.

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Cashback, Take the Trap: One-semester comprehensive checks

A few weeks ago, the warnings were triggered: thorough checks on transactions deemed unusual and risk of reversal for those unable to prove any errors. This category includes very low amount transactions that were executed on the last day. In practice, there is a grave risk that many “climbers” are in the jackpot Suddenly they see themselves falling downstream. And just one step away from the finish line. In fact, it is extremely unlikely that any of the observers will prove errors in such a huge stock of transactions.

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Many of these, in fact, could fall into the category of so-called cunning cashback. And thus nullifies the whole race. A strategy the government has also adopted to respond to criticism of the system, which has (according to many) turned the payment plan into a kind of prize game. It must be remembered that the ranking can be monitored on the IO app, the app that organizes the entire cashback system. The latest update talks about no less than 463 transactions made since January 1st for you to be eligible for the super refund. But who knows that the ranking cannot be revised.


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