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Marathon runner takes third place and brags on social media but during race ‘took a lift in the car’: disqualified for one year

Marathon runner takes third place and brags on social media but during race ‘took a lift in the car’: disqualified for one year

A very famous marathon runner in Britain used a car during a 50 mile race and then received a third place prize – so…

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a Marathon runner It is very popular in Great Britain She used a car during a 50-mile race and then accepted the third-place trophy: she was thus disqualified from competition for 12 months by the same UK Athletics disciplinary body. Joasia Zakrevski admitted to using a car during the 2023 GB Ultras Manchester-Liverpool match (which was on April 7), but claimed she only did so after telling the stewards. injured» And he no longer competes. Data from the event tracking system revealed that Zakrzewski had covered approximately 2.5 miles of the race itself.

Marathon with auto scam, story

The 47-year-old long-distance expert was stripped of her third-place title. British Athletics’ independent disciplinary panel rejected her appeal and decided to ban her for one year. The appellant received the trophy at the end of the competition, which she should not have done if she had completed the competition on a non-competitive basis – the jury explained – and she did not attempt to return the trophy the week following the competition. a race».

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Bribery in the armed forces, the Air Force General objected: “This is how the system works.”

Joasia Zakrevsky attributed her error in judgment in accepting the trophy to the fact that she had flown in the previous evening from Australia and was Fatigue and exhaustion resulting from long flights and feeling sick»He told the BBC after the race. I should have returned them and didn’t take pictures but I wasn’t feeling well and was distracted and wasn’t thinking clearly. Athletics judging officials apparently did not believe his reasons, noting in their ruling: “Although he was suffering from mental confusion on race day, he had a week after the race to realize the seriousness of his actions and return the trophy.”»Which he didn’t do. Finally, he posted about the race on social media» To brag about third place.

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