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Illness in the stands and then Sinner’s beautiful gesture: what happened at the ATP Finals

Illness in the stands and then Sinner’s beautiful gesture: what happened at the ATP Finals

In the end, no “biscuits”: Yannick Sineralready sure to pass the role, He beat the Dane Holger Ron In three sets at the ATP Finals, he saved Djokovic (qualified as runner-up) and showed that he too is a champion of sportsmanship.

However, there was nothing missing from the match out of controlWhich arrived during the second set with moments of tension. While serving, the Italian tennis player delayed his serve to check on the condition of a spectator who was caught by A Small illness. The medical staff immediately intervened and removed the woman to provide all necessary care.

The match was stopped for approx minutein silence (before) Pala Alpitour and in applause (after) for Nice gesture From Sinner, who rushed down the stands to make sure everything was okay. After all, how can you not love a tennis player like Yannick? The match then resumed, with Ron winning the second set after the first set by Blue, before surrendering in the third set.

Nice gesture with calligraphy rule

The sinner celebrated with all Bala Al-Bitor Torino, crazy about him, in a match that seemed easy but then became a real battle, despite Yannick already having the ticket to the semi-finals in his pocket. The Danish language was the last taboo that had not yet been broken. Now Jannik has defeated all top ten. Yesterday’s Pala Alpitour was pandemonium and Sinner did not give up despite being anxious Back pain Which might have encouraged someone else to manage themselves without taking any risks. While the Boris Becker protégé attempted at one point to display his classic bad boy style, he maintained his proverbial calm and focus until victory.

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That was the end of the second set The most complicated moment In the match with the Italian number one: Ron was pushing him and his back hurt. At one point, when the score was 4-3 to the Dane, the South Tyrolean player hit the goal with one of his deadly shots. Line judge On his face, fortunately he immediately corrected it with his hand. However, that was not enough for Yannick and the first thing he did when the change happened was to approach the line referee to check his condition. Once he received reassurances, he began playing calmly again. Beautiful gestures from a hero who no longer sets limits for himself. And now all of Italy dreams of him.