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Maneuver Meloney is OK with the commission, with reservations.  Brussels rejects government on POS, pensions and money

Maneuver Meloney is OK with the commission, with reservations. Brussels rejects government on POS, pensions and money

milan – there European Commission Somewhat encourages the manipulative system planned by the government Budget planning document But progress has been made in the fight against evasion and acceleration on the digital remittance front, drawing criticism for failing to meet financial progress targets.

Overall, the Commission – In its consideration in Dpb – Italy’s draft budget assumes compliance with the fiscal guidelines contained in the Council recommendation of 12 July 2022, and defines the macroeconomic assumptions underlying the draft budget as “credible” in 2022 and 2023. He also pointed out that “the commission’s assessment of the fiscal impact of fiscal policy measures is broadly consistent with the government’s”.

Gentiloni: “Positive verdict with some criticism”

“Overall positive verdict with some critical comments”. EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs This is the summary Paul Gentiloni He spoke to reporters in Strasbourg. The EU’s call for Italy to “keep current expenditure under control in a period characterized by essentially high inflation and tightening of monetary policy”.

In the Italian maneuver reported in Brussels, there are “irregular” measures with specific recommendations for Italy in the fight against tax evasion: this is the raising clause. Ceiling on cash transactions A “forgiveness-equivalent” measure to cancel tax debts between 2 and 5 thousand euros in 2023, less than 1,000 euros from 2000-2015, 60 euros for refusal to pay pos Without restrictions and “renewal, with strict age criteria, regimes in 2023 rest It is expected to expire by the end of 2022. George Mule He explained yesterday that the threshold for digital payments could be lowered. “The government, in agreement with the European Commission, is thinking about the possibility of bringing the threshold for payments without pos from 60 to 40 euros”, he said.

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Maloney: “Government Job Affirmed”

“We are particularly satisfied with the opinion expressed by the European Commission on the budget law,” the Prime Minister said Georgia Meloney. “A positive evaluation – mentioned Meloni – confirms the goodness of the work of the Italian government, underlines the solidity of the economic maneuver and reaffirms the vision of growth and development that guides it. We will continue to work with enthusiasm in this direction. Italian citizens, families and businesses”.

Giorgetti: “Satisfaction, National Owls Denied”

The Economy Minister was satisfied Giancarlo Giorgetti. “The Commission has encouraged us to evaluate our maneuver ‘in line’: therefore Italy is included in the half of European countries that are on the right side. This result is of great satisfaction. We have denied the national owls: seriousness and responsibility are fruitful and will continue to be the basis of all our decisions”.