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Lorenzo Fontana writes "inexplicable" in room form.  The network rejects it

Lorenzo Fontana writes “inexplicable” in room form. The network rejects it

The Unforgiven’s error or “horror” coincides with the beginning of the eighteenth season in 2018, a few years ago. when Lorenzo Fontana, Today the new President of the Assembly, Filling out his form at Montessitorio – which requested data for self-certification and short syllabi – he wrote in the box ‘Positions held and activities held in the past’: Not used. Yes, with an “n” to be precise, ignoring the basic rule explained in elementary school: “p” and “b” are always preceded by an “m”. There is never an “n”. Distraction? Was Fontana in a hurry that day? May be. But after a while, the error reappears: “inpiegato”. Again written further below. So it’s easy to think that Lorenzo Fontana had the flu many years ago. In short, the teacher is not in the class while he is explaining.

Fontana – former Minister of State for Families and the Disabled, Vice President of the Chamber and Holder of European Affairs, – has been rejected! “failed”, despite his three degrees being constructed. Because if it’s true that stubborn teachers with a red pencil are never forgiving, the net is even less forgiving. Therefore, the third stage of the state, this Sunday in October, when the center-right tried to find the square of the future government, was completely immersed in criticism and teased. “Well, come on, don’t do anything…”, Dina writes under her Twitter profile. “I’m iNpiegho but I’m not iNspiezzo”, commented Michael. Again, “he would also have three degrees, but he would certainly have asked for leave for elementary school”, Valerio comments. “Impression! Again, K.N9 writes “Fortunately he thinks as a good Christian, with inclusive and loving ideas … ah, no”.

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