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The Wrong Negroni Goes Viral in America: Here's Why

The Wrong Negroni Goes Viral in America: Here’s Why

Maybe not everyone knows that Negroni Spagliato is a cocktail Now vintage, discovered in 1967 At Bar Passo in Milan Mirko Stochetto, a barman, dared to substitute prosecco for gin in a Negroni. Thus was born the aperitif cocktail cousin of the spirit, the bittersweet, which has become an institution in Italy abroad and especially in the United States. It became a cultural phenomenon thanks to TikTok. But let’s go properly.

As we read Harper’s Bazaar USA, for weeks and New York bartenders have heard nothing more than “one wrong Negroni, please.” Even where this cocktail isn’t on the menu, it’s never ordered. This has prompted many and many to ask themselves the reasons for this unusual request and find them in the two most powerful means of communication at the moment: TikTok and TV series. In fact, everything comes from an interview Co-stars Dragon House Olivia Cooke (In Alicent Hightower series) ed Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra Targaryen), shared again HBO on your TikTok account.

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You can see both in the clip They exchange views on their favorite cocktails, starting with D’Arcy he says without a doubt: “A Negroni”. “I was going to say the same thing,” Cook responded, before adding that D’Arcy was “wrong.” “Oh,” Cook replies. “With Prosecco inside,” adds D’Arcy. “Oh, that’s amazing,” Cook concludes. This brief exchange was enough The audio of this interview will spark the imagination of TikTok users who have started using it For those who literally prepare a Negroni errado in favor of the camera, to tell about aspects of their daily lives, their romantic adventures, coming out.

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Thanks for this conversation, Campari is enjoying a golden moment in America And many clubs with the brand are increasing the demand for cocktails. As Erin Davey (TAO Group Corporate Beverage Manager) tells us Harper’s Bazaar USAto CathedralOne of the top clubs in New York’s East Village recently saw a 30 percent increase in Negroni after the video started to gain popularity. Many locals have the same opinionGreta Wolff, manager Cauldron In the Financial District, co-owner of the famous Italian-inspired spot Lindon Pride Dante. Everyone agrees, between the incredible and the very real, that TikTok helped start a real cultural trend.

Wrong Negroni

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