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Live Weather News – Lots of snow in the Alps, even at low altitudes.  Situation and evolution in the next few hours « 3B Meteo

Live Weather News – Lots of snow in the Alps, even at low altitudes. Situation and evolution in the next few hours « 3B Meteo

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Weather News, Heavy snowfall in the Alps
Weather News, Heavy snowfall in the Alps

Update 12.30 pm. Towards the metro in the Western Alps. Snowfall in the Maritimes and the Götian Alps begins to decrease during these hours, but continues throughout the rest of the Alpine range. Fresh snow accumulations are almost a meter high in the upper Canavese area and 2000m above VCO. In Valle d'Aosta, the route to Valsavarench and some within the municipality of Cagnes are closed due to avalanche danger. In the early hours of the morning there was a blackout in Ceresol Real, Turin area and Val Zona. Roads to reach Serisol Real Estate are closed. Meanwhile, snowfall is intensifying in the Middle Eastern Alps.



Monte Verena, Asiago:

The situation is 9 am. A serious Atlantic disturbance has reached northern Italy and snow has returned to the Alps, even in abundance and at lower altitudes. The snowfall started yesterday, Saturday, in the western sector and was more heavy in the evening and night. At the same time scales reached the central-eastern Alps, albeit with less intensity. Snow levels vary up to around 800/1000m, but sometimes drop to lower altitudes in association with extreme events.

Piedmont and Aosta Valley, up to 80 cm of fresh snow. The areas where snowfall reaches its maximum intensity are the Piedmont Alps and the southeastern Aosta Valley, resulting in up to 80 cm of fresh snow in the upper Canaves at 1500 m, VCO and 60 cm. Valle d'Aosta. East Asda. Accumulations are impressive given the recent heavy snowfalls, with snow walls of more than 150cm in the Maritime Alps, Grayen and Lepontine Alps, with local peaks of 2m.

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Cressoni (AO):

Grosscavallo (TO):

Snowfall down the valley in Kunis and VCO. During the most intense rain, in the morning, the scales turned the Cuneo and Tomatozola white, although the temperature was slightly above zero.

Snow is intensifying in the central-eastern Alps. Snow intensity increased in the Lombardy Alps and eastern areas in the morning, with rain-snow levels around 1000m.

Weather for the next hour. The Western Alps will see heavy snow until late morning, while events will weaken from late afternoon until they stop in the evening. Snow will continue in the central eastern Alps, easing in the evening. Extreme events are also expected in Orobi, Rettiche, the Dolomites of Trentino and Belluno, with accumulations of up to half a meter at 2000 m above sea level, with snow levels fluctuating around 1000 m.

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