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Fighting piracy: Andrea Duelio enters Sky Italia at the Sports Festival

“It is very healthy to put costs back in place but to increase revenue we need to fight piracy seriously.” he said that Andrea DoilioSky Italia CEO, during the discussion “Italian Football General Countries”, organized on the occasion of Trento Sports Festival. “In the United kingdom If someone is hacking content within a few minutes, it will be blocked – Duilio-In . explained Italia It takes two days, you have to go to court, the game is over and the next day is already there. There are no equivalent laws protecting this type of rights. Let’s remember that piracy is a problem for us Pay TV But it’s a problem – and not everyone understands it – even for football teams. Hacking reduces the value of a product, if you start not paying to see something, the value of that product is much less not today but in the next few years. In people’s perception, it is worth much less. Piracy takes jobs over time, gives money to the underworld, results in no income being given to the state, and most importantly a form of disrespect for all Italians who pay and who then bring in revenue. Piracy is the main difference between Italy and the UK.”

On stage, with the President of the Federation Gabriel Gravina, Until the Lega Serie A. Lorenzo Cassini, To the CEO of Dazn Italia Stefano Azzi, There was also the president of Turin and RCS Urban Cairo, who called for an intervention in costs and salaries: “Today we are in a moment when money is wasted – in the words of Cairo – there is a worrying debt, while ten years ago we were in good shape. Systems and even companies are healed, there is nothing that cannot be fixed. Italian football can return to a high level but we have to change the record.” According to the President of Turin, “Increasing revenue is our goal even if it is not easy. We have to get involved with costs, i.e. salaries and what we’ve seen in the past is that even if revenue increased, companies did not perform better because wages increased faster. We have to pay attention to the costs and put them under control and move forward with nurseries and youth.” So, Cairo tackled the topic TV rights and piracyA few years ago, Italian football was ahead of other leagues in terms of TV rights. From 2012 to 2022, revenue grew more slowly. This made us take a few steps back. Anti-piracy is a fundamental issue, between Sky and Dazn there are 5 and a half million subscribers, and the so-called “pezzotto” has about 2 million spectators, which means 30% of potential revenue. But the state has to help.”

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