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LIVE TMW - Austria, Rangnick: "Il Milan negli ultimi 2-3 anni ha lavorato davvero molto bene"

LIVE TMW – Austria, Rangnick: “Milan have done really well in the last 2-3 years”

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19.10 – In a few minutes’ press conference Ralph Rangnick. Technical commissioner forAustria Friendly test will be submitted againstItalia Which will be held tomorrow at Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna.

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19.53 – the press conference begins:

Why were only 17,000 tickets sold?
“I don’t know, I don’t really know. I haven’t been here for a long time to referee, the matches between Austria and Italy must be sold out. Let’s hope tomorrow another fan buys a ticket at the last minute.”

Is there any news about the injuries? Mancini will play 3-4-3
“There are four players who are injured. Then there are the others, but I can’t tell you the line-ups nor what line-up we’ll play with.”

What kind of Italy do you expect? Do you want to reply to Ronaldo?
“We’re going to play a game where we’re going to try to be as strong as we can, and we want to win. I already answered the second question, it’s not my job to answer Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s Manchester United’s job.”

How do you see the development of the Italian national team?
“There have been some changes, the team that won the European Championship had more experience while many young players will play tomorrow. It was the same against Albania, they are opening the way for new generations. Italy will be very disciplined tactically. Italy is a strong team and we want to challenge those.” strong opponents.”

What lessons do you bring with you from this resort?
“There’s still a game tomorrow… They haven’t seen each other much, but I’ve seen good things. It helped us get to know each other better, we trained in perfect conditions.”

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TMW – What do you think of Serie A and Milan Pioli?
“We also have Serie A players in our squad, like Bosch and Arnautovic. We watch Serie A matches and it’s a very important league. Napoli have had an amazing season so far, they’re practically unbeaten. Milan won the Scudetto, they’re progressing in the Champions League and they’ve done well in the Another 2-3 years.

How excited is it to play the day the World Cup starts? Will you see Ecuador and Qatar?
“I don’t think I will watch many World Cup matches. I will only watch the matches I need to prepare for Austria.”

Who will be your goalkeeper?
“The question arises at the end of March, we still have four months to go. We have to think about all the positions for the month of March, including the goalkeeper position.”

The last time Austria played Italy in the European Championship, how much did that match affect you?
“I don’t know, I didn’t watch that particular match. I watched the Nations League matches against England and Germany, and sometimes they start with four players, sometimes with three, and it’s not surprising that they chose this system of play. We just need to see if they’re going to play with one striker or two, We’ll find out tomorrow.”

20.16 – The press conference ends.