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"I'm in Qatar and I'm gay."  Acknowledgment of the FIFA Media Director

“I’m in Qatar and I’m gay.” Acknowledgment of the FIFA Media Director

Doha A sudden announcement At the end of the press conference held by President Gianni Infantino. eve start World Cup in Qatar Bryan Swanson, FIFA’s Head of Media Relations, mustered up the courage and declared his bravery Out: “I am here in Qatar and I am gay”. A powerful gesture, in a country where Homosexuality is a crime.

Brian Swanson, coming in Qatar

Then he wanted Swanson Defending InfantinoFor criticism from the LGBTQ+ community: “I would like to say something on this occasion. Here in Qatar I am in a privileged position, facing the whole world, as a gay man. And I believe Doha’s reassurances that all visitors, regardless of their sexual orientation, will be welcome. There is a lot about whether you want to participate or not.” No. At FIFA we take care of everyone – Concludes -. We are an inclusive organization. I have many gay colleagues. I am very familiar with the discussion and fully respect the right of others to think differently. I understand. But I also know what we’re fighting for.”

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