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Linux beats Apple and Microsoft again: a feature that's as crazy as it is cool arrives

Linux beats Apple and Microsoft again: a feature that's as crazy as it is cool arrives

Unlike Apple and Microsoft, Linux has a new feature that is as crazy as it is cool and could be very useful to you.

Nowadays, there are still two main computer operating systems Windows and Mac. Powerful software from Microsoft and Apple has ensured a long list of tools and features that over time have entered the daily lives of millions of consumers spread across every corner of the world. The news does not end there, because the developers continue to work Both major updates and upgrades during the year.

Linux beats Microsoft and Apple with a great advantage –

But there is a third fact that has been hovering in this sector for years and is able to attract more and more users. That's Linux, A more free driver with unique features. Recently, a new update was released offering A job that's as crazy as it is awesome Which, after discovering it in detail, you may think that you want to start using it immediately. Here's what it is and what its characteristics are, the most passionate about which are already excited.

Linux, the new feature you should try right away

This is one of the most interesting innovations launched in recent years For Linux operating system. A function that cannot currently be found on Apple or Microsoft and is unique. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to inform yourself immediately and if necessary To test the operating system on your computer. So you have access to a crazy but cool tool.

This new Linux feature is worth trying right away –

Have you ever heard of Diagonal control? These are special screens that give you the opportunity to customize the tilt as you see fit. Very useful especially in certain situations, even if you are in bed and want to watch a movie by orienting the screen based on your field of view. It may seem unbelievable to you, but Linux is the only operating system today To support this situation And to allow you to rotate the facade so that it is perfectly aligned with the specified inclination.

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According to what xssfox said, the rotation is ideal for being able to develop software using these screens It's 22 degrees. So, if you're a PC enthusiast who enjoys all the modes available, the new customizable Linux system is for you. And true For software development It is even better than traditional horizontal, because it provides longer line lengths and… There is no limit of 80 columns.