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Lecce, GDF operation for crimes against public administration, 3 arrests and 51 suspects.

Lecce, GDF operation for crimes against public administration, 3 arrests and 51 suspects.

LECCE – The finance department has placed under house arrest Antonio Vincenzo Salvatore Fasiello, a retired official from the land reform department of the Puglia region, and businessmen Emanuele Picchino from Gallipoli and Cesario Faiulo from Presicce.

They are among the private and real precautionary measures taken by the Guardia di Finanza since this morning, issued by the investigating judge of Lecce, at the request of the local prosecutor’s office, against 10 people under investigation, for various reasons, for criminal reasons. Association, offenses against public administration, offenses against public trust and administration of justice, unauthorized access to computer system and construction and environmental offences. Among these are two carabinieri.

Also, 41 more information is being reported against persons under investigation, including a policeman, a constable and a financier on leave. Investigations carried out by financiers of the Gallipoli Company brought to light two distinct and parallel crimes.

The first case involved two entrepreneurs with significant economic interests in the Gallipoli area who allegedly used technical experts and municipal public officials who approved expansion plans in the construction and tourism sectors. In this context, two carabinieri will be involved who, in exchange for their use, will inform the entrepreneur through an official secret known through unauthorized access to computer systems.

The second tax investigation concerns some cases of mismanagement of public affairs related to the disposal of property – a former Erzab (Regional Agricultural Development Agency of Puglia) official of the Puglia region, now retired, was in service on land. The Reform Department, along with other collaborators, will favor the allocation of important assets belonging to the region at favorable prices to those close to it through illegal practices. The financiers also seize money believed to be the proceeds of corruption, movable assets, real estate and economic activities, worth around 30 million euros.

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As part of the investigation, three of the ten people who received individual precautionary measures were placed under house arrest. As already mentioned, these are two entrepreneurs from Gallipoli, 46-year-old Emanuel Picchino, who was the municipal councilor for tourism at the time of the events, and 57-year-old Cesario Faiulo, two well-known names involved. In other legal matters in the past, former regional official Vincenzo Faziello, 69, from Lecce, was accused of allocating some real estate belonging to the former land reformer to direct acquaintances at favorable prices for cash or various gifts. Invoking common evidentiary procedures.

Among the recipients of other private actions carried out by the financiers, two carabinieri (Corrado Salvatore and Vincenzo Zucheroso) in service were ordered to suspend public office and ban them from residing in the municipality of Gallipoli. They were accused of divulging official secret information on payments and perks, dinners, lodging or hiring family members and relatives, and implementing restrictions aimed at impeding rival businesses of an entrepreneurial friend. . A third carabinieri, a policeman and a financier on leave are also being questioned in the investigation.

Other precautionary measures included Franco de Mattei, an official of the Revenue Agency, architect Cosimo Giungato, banned from profession and residence in Gallipoli, and Ivan Giaccari, Giovanni Bianco and Vito Antonio banned from economic activities. Greek.