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Latest news of Ukraine.  Kyiv hits the Kherson Bridge and the Russians leave the city

Latest news of Ukraine. Kyiv hits the Kherson Bridge and the Russians leave the city

Ambassador Melnyk, Steinmeier called to Kyiv twice already

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has invited German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Kyiv for the second time. This is what the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrei Melnik, said in an interview with the weekly Die Zeit, according to previews of the figure on newsstands tomorrow. “We are still waiting for your visit to Kyiv. In the last phone call, President Zelensky personally invited him again. Relations with the Social Democratic president, whom Ukrainians accused of favoring the Russians with very benevolent policies in recent decades, have reached rock bottom after the resounding “unblocking” that opened a crisis Dangerous diplomacy between Germany and Ukraine.The crisis was then overturned after clarification and a visit by Olaf Schulz to the warring capital.Melnik, now known in the Federal Republic, because of his controversial diplomatic style, will leave Berlin “in two or three weeks.” The diplomat, who He spent eight years in the capital, saying, however, that his move was “routine”, unrelated to many of the controversies raised with the Germans.Melnyk also admitted that he used inappropriate tones towards the chancellor, accusing him of “pouting” with a very colorful phrase that also caused an uproar. Great, he admitted that he was mistaken in defense of Ukrainian nationalist Stefan Bandera, “underestimated” the sensitivity of the Poles.

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