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Lampedusa, many cases of cancer among firefighters. The union calls for an epidemiological investigation: We want the truth for the dead


twelve deaths from cancer From 1986 until today, all of them Firefighter All of them are on duty in a detachment Lampedusa. Individual data is provided by UilPa . Provincial Secretary Fire Brigade Antonio de Maltawhich in a letter sent to the governor of Agrigento Maria Rita Kociovaexpresses all his concern for what is happening on the island Balaji and asks aEpidemiological investigation. In addition to those who died, there are also those who, always in the fire department, with illness They still suffer.

“We have colleagues who still have cancer today, others who have passed and are now retired, and 4 more cases of kidney cancer.” The secretary wants to clarify what he said (and according to other firefighters who had to fight cancer) could be the cause of such a large number of illnesses among the firefighters in Lampedusa: “From 1986 to 1998, about 400 meters a radar installed afterLibyan missile attack 1986 – Head of De Malta Department explains -. In the period when the radar was working, there were a large number of abnormal events: Phone interruptions, sudden blackout of TV. At that time, employees often complained of severe migraines, which disappeared when the radar was on disassemble it“.

The same secretary of the Island Federation was accused of many diseases during his service with Active Radar: “Then everything disappeared after the 1998 closure, but for many years we suffered from these radiations and we do not know which of them. links there. What we do know is that there have been deaths, with many suffering from heart problems. We are only asking for an epidemiological investigation, to be aware of what has happened and what is still happening. It is necessary to ascertain any associations between diseases of firefighters on duty, retired and the presence of radar.” The appeal has not yet received a response from the prefecture: “If we do not receive news, we will implement all acts of protest Established by law because we want the truth for those who have died.”

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